Talent Acquistion Services

Contract Recruitment

Anicalls Offer contract employees for all niche IT skills to the client. We take on the responsibility and accountability for your contingent workforce. We bring together our internal recruitment, payroll, compliance, and agency management expertise and run your contingent workforce requirements on your existing or a new vendor management system - whatever best suits your business environment and strategic direction.

Direct Hire

Anicalls Offer recruitment services for permanent staffing.


Anicalls Designs and manages large and Often complex payroll Arrangements as per our client requirements.


Anicalls simplify the talent acquisition process by significantly increasing the number of qualified hires while simultaneously lowering hiring costs and reducing fill time. We can work with your internal team or entirely support the Recruitment process. If your organization is looking to bring more speed, agility, standardization, and flexibility to your recruitment function, RPO is the suitable recruiting model for you.

Remote Workforce Solutions

Anicalls specializes in supporting clients with their projects and facilities, often located in remote locations that require scalable and diverse workforces. We use all our expertise and support specialist supplier service to give you a dependable, shock-proof, resilient service that can handle the disruptive events that can cripple an unprepared project or facility with delays, cost overruns, and stoppages.

Talent Mapping

Anicalls Talent Mapping service, when you wish to acquire a deep understanding of candidate availability across several demographics, such as competitors, geography, job role, and other diversity measures.